leak detective system

Looking for peace of mind and to possibly save a few dollars at the same time?

Check out Leak Detection Systems for your home.

These systems can help prevent damage caused by pipes bursting, water heater leaks or appliance failures which result in large amounts of water being discharged into your home. For example, when a sensor detects water on the floor of your bathroom, next to the toilet, it will send a signal to a valve at the cold water intake, shutting off the main water supply.

From an industry perspective, in the US, water damage due to burst pipes and other perils is the second-most filed insurance claim — with the average residential claim amounting to a whopping $10,000.

This is why more and more Insurance companies are offering discounts, similar to security systems, for households with installed leak detection systems. There are numerous products on the market, from do-it-yourself/smart home capable, to complete 3rd party monitoring solutions.