Have you considered the latest trend in smarter homes? We are talking about a smart shower which offers automation in the bathroom! You can use your app to control the temperature, water pressure and duration. Imagine being able to control duration when your teenagers shower! Some smart showers can be operated with a display in the shower and with voice commands as well.

Probably the biggest benefit of a smart shower is the ability to set a precise and consistent temperature. Avoid freezing and scalding. Find your perfect temperature and leave it there. Every time. Some showers have an upper limit on temperatures so you cannot scald yourself. This is added safety for your kids and the elderly.

smart shower

Some sources claim smart showers can save about 5 litres of water per person per day while taking their showers.

Some brands even claim that it can save up to 50% in water consumption annually.

On top of saving water, you save on the energy required to heat that water.