What colour is your toilet?

If you are like most people, the answer is white or off-white.

enjoy the cool water

Jura Koncius of The Washington Post published an article titled “Modern powder room meets 1920s. The jet-black toilet is making a comeback” on July 21 2018.

In it she talks about the trend away from white and off-white towards the bold choice of black toilets and sinks for the powder room. Kohler first introduced a black toilet in the 1920s and it was so bold it was featured in an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kohler has continued to carry black toilets for 90 years, They currently carry over 30 styles of black toilets and 40 black sinks. The Numi (pictured here) is the “intelligent toilet” and is available in a matte finish.

Toto carries 15 toilet models that come in black. And the company says it has been getting more requests for them.

It’s a trend that is not for everyone and is more likely to be seen in restaurants and nightclubs than in a home. But it can be a bold and beautiful design statement!