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What is Backflow?

Backflow happens when water from private properties flows back into the municipal water system. These properties may have internal connections called cross connections to water used for non-potable purposes. This can create unsafe situations because of the potential for contaminants to flow back into the municipal drinking water system. This can occur through back pressure or back siphonage.

Back Pressure

Back pressure can result when pressure in a water system is higher than the pressure in the municipal water supply system.

Back Siphonage

Back siphonage occurs when pressure in the water system is lower than the pressure in a private system.

What is Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is completed by a licensed plumber that specializes in Backflow Prevention. The testing must be completed after initial installation, after device repairs and at least once yearly. Backflow Prevention tags are attached to each device to record the historical records of each test. Bob’s Plumbing Service will survey property to identify potential or existing cross connections within the plumbing. As part of the survey, we will classify the degree of hazard of your property and submit the completed Cross-Connection Control Survey to the appropriate township.

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What is Backflow Installation?

Bob’s Plumbing Service complies with all local backflow bylaws and is here to assist you with all your backflow prevention needs from testing, surveying and installation. Additionally, we also service fire suppression systems for backflow. For Backflow prevention consultation, contact Bob’s Plumbing Service at (905) 727-3210 or use the contact form below.

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